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Clifton Grill

Taste of the Indian Paki Cuisine

At Clifton grill we believe in providing an upscale taste of the Indian paki cuisine. Clifton grill is located in the heart of devon, and our services are compelling with elegant taste. Services that are offered at Clifton grill make the lives of our customers easy. Clifton grill also offers late night deliveries and regular time deliveries so that our customers don’t have to leave the comfort of their homes or offices. Clifton grill also offers catering for small or big events such as weddings, charity events, and many more events. All of our customers that have previously done catering with us were very well satisfied with Clifton grills services. Clifton grill also offers their customers in house party area so if you have a little party and want to bring your guests to our restaurant, we can set it up to your needs. Clifton grill also offers outdoor dining during the beautiful nights of Chicago so you can enjoy your food in the midst of the amazing summer nights. The best thing about Clifton grill carry out is that you don’t even have to pick up your phone to place an order, just go to our website and place your order and we’ll make it our top priority to deliver in the fastest time. Clifton grill has been around since 1990′s and serving our community is our top priority and our mission. Stop in to Clifton grill and try our fine dining today. Don't forget to eat karhai Chicken Karhai its our speciality...

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